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Angela Davis is an academic and activist best known for her work in the Black Panther Party in the USA during the 1970s. The Black Panthers organised within their own communities to educate and empower young people, helping them to campaign against poverty, police brutality and political disenfranchisement.


In this video, Angela Davis explains “How change happens”




The Zapatistas are a social movement based in rural Mexico. They are one of the poorest groups in the region, and have been subject to violent repression from the Mexican government. Over the past ten years, they have organised themselves and defended their land from corporate takeovers and army occupations.




The uprisings in urban areas of Britain during the 1980s saw huge changes made to the way Black and Asian people were treated by the government and police forces. Although there is still a huge amount of discrimination and inequality in Britain today, we can learn a lot from the activism that took place nearly thirty years ago




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